22 May 2017

Current Source Inverter ( CSI )

  • The voltage source inverter is one in which output voltage remains constant and it does not depends upon type of load. 
  • The voltage across load is kept constant by connecting large capacitor at the input side of the inverter.


  • The DC input voltage in the current source inverter is supplied through bridge rectifier  / controlled rectifier bridge or DC chopper.  
  • The LC filter is connected at the input in order to get ripple free current.  
  • The function of the inductor L is to decrease the ripple current whereas the capacitor C is to reduce source impedance. 
  • The power flow from supply to load and vice versa is possible at different power factor due to low impedance of DC supply. 
  • The current source inverter is either load commutated or force commutated
  • The current source inverter is load commutated if the load power factor is leading whereas it must be force commutated if the load power factor is lagging.



  • Induction heating
  • Speed control of AC motor
  • Starting of synchronous motor
  • To compensate lagging reactive power

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