Compare Current Source Inverter ( CSI ) and Voltage Source Inverter ( VSI )

Voltage Source Inverter ( VSI ) – Current Source Inverter ( CSI )
  • The output voltage remains constant for a given type of load in the VSI whereas the input current remains constant in the CSI
  • A large capacitor is connected at the input side of the VSI whereas a large inductor is connected at the input side of the CSI
  • The input voltage source should be short circuited due to misfiring of the switching semiconductor device in the VSI whereas there is not any effect in the CSI
  • The maximum current in the switching semiconductor device depends upon circuit condition in the VSI whereas the maximum current is limited in the CSI due to constant current
  • The SCR commutation circuit in the CSI is much simpler than that of the VSI. 
  • There is necessary of freewheeling diode in the VSI for the inductive type load whereas it is not necessary in the CSI due to constant input current
  • There is not necessary any converter in the VSI in order to control input voltage whereas a converter is necessary to control input current in the CSI.

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