Programmable Unijunction Transistor ( PUT ) Interview Question Answer

Important Questions of PUT

In this post, some of the important questions of programmable unijunction transistor are given. It includes full form of PUT, full form of CSCR, main features of PUT, junction of PUT, advantages of PUT, PUT as a complementary SCR and PUT Relaxation circuit.

Write the full form of PUT

  • PUT : Programmable Unijunction Transistor

Write the full form of CSCR.

  • CSCR : Complementary silicon controlled rectifier

Describe the main features of the PUT.

  • The main feature of the PUT is that its triggering voltage VP can set by external circuit.

How many junctions the PUT consists of?

  • Three junctions

Describe the advantages of PUT over UJT.

Advantages of PUT

  • The triggering voltage can be set by external circuit.
  • Low peak voltage as compared to UJT

Complementary SCR

Why the PUT is called as complementary SCR?

  • The gate of the PUT is connected to anode side whereas it is connected to cathode side in the SCR therefore it is also called as complementary SCR.

Why the value of the capacitor in the PUT relaxation circuit is kept as low as possible?

  • The value of the capacitor in the PUT relaxation oscillator circuit is kept as low as possible because large value of capacitor requires electrolytic capacitor which suffers from high leakage.

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