Electrical Wiring Definitions

  • It is an energy consuming device or equipment.

Light electrical Appliances
  • It is electrical appliances whose power rating less than 5.0 kW.

  • It is a length of single / two / more conductors and each conductor provided with its own insulation.

Flexible cable
  • It is a cable which consists of group of wires and covers with insulation and afford to flexible.

  • It is a connection of general mass of earth by means of an earth electrode.

Earth wire
  • It is a conductor which connected between earth and equipment.

Rated input
  • It is power input of appliance assigned by manufacture.

  • It is manually operated device used for closing and opening of circuit.

  • It is a device carrying three metallic contacts in the forms of pins which is arranged for connection of flexible cable.

Single pole switch
  • It is a switch which consists of one pole.

Two way switch
  • It is a switch which can be controlled by two positions. It consists of three terminals per pole / phase.

Rewirable Fuse
  • It is a fuse in which fuse element may be replaced whenever necessary.

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