Advantages & Disadvantages of Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuit
  • It is a circuit in which transistor, resistors, capacitors, diodes etc. are fabricated in a single small chip.

Advantages of Integrated Circuits
  • Less weight
  • Small space requires
  • Extremely small size due to all components are fabricated on single chip
  • Good reliability due to lesser number of connections
  • Circuit layout is simple
  • Low power requirement
  • Higher operating temperature ranges
  • Low cost due to mass production

Disadvantages of Integrated Circuits
  • If any component of IC may damage, the IC must be replaced with new one.
  • It is not possible to fabricate transformer and inductor inside IC due to heavy mass and large space requires.
  • The power rating of IC is very small ( Less than 10 W )
  • It is not possible to modify parameter of ICs
  • Only external components are connected to the ICs

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