Electro - Mechanical Energy Conversion

  • The electrical energy plays vital role in different energy conversion process. 
  • The following are the energy conversion process in which electrical energy is common in all.
             Energy Conversion
             Chemical – Electrical
             Thermal – Electrical               
             Sound – Electrical
             Mechanical – Electrical
             Light – Electrical
  • The electrical – Mechanical conversion is the main focus.
Force on Conductor
  • When a current carrying conductor is placed in magnetic field, a mechanical force is produced on the conductor therefore the conductor moves. 
force on conductor

  • When two current carrying conductors are placed very closed to each other, a force of repulsion is produced when direction of I1 and I2 are opposite. 
  • A force of attraction is produced when the both conductors carry currents in the same direction. 
  • This process is reversible it means that if a conductor with closed circuit is moved in the magnetic field an emf is induced and thus current flows through the conductor.
two current carrying conductor
Piezoelectric Effect
  • When voltage gradient is applied in one direction of quartz crystal material, there is change in physical shape of the crystal. 
  • Conversely when mechanical stress is applied, it produces an electric charge. 
  • The piezoelectric materials are ceramic resonators, ceramic traps, buzzers, ceramic band pass filters etc.
  • It is a property of ferro – magnetic materials that causes them to change their physical dimension. 
  • Conversely when the mechanical force is applied on the ferromagnetic material, there is change in magnetic properties of the material. 
  • We are familiar with "magnetic hum" which can hear near transformers and high power electrical devices due to effects of magnetostriction.
Force on iron
  • When a soft iron piece is placed in the magnetic field, a mechanical force acts on iron piece. 
  • The soft iron piece tries to align in the direction of the magnetic field such that maximum flux density is produced.

force on iron

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