10 April 2017

Protection of Semiconductor Device against Overcurrent By Fuse

  • The fault current flows through power converter due to short circuit, surge current or overload condition. 
  • The semiconductor device may damage due  due to fault current and temperature rise. 
  • The power diodes and SCRs are protected by using fuse in series with supply system is shown in the figure A. 
  • The fast acting fuse is now used in place of glass fuse generally. 
  • The SCR is protected against fault current by using series fuse connection as shown in the figure B.

The following are advantages of connected of fuse in series with the SCR.
  • There is co – ordination between semiconductor device and fuse is done.
  • If there is fault in the SCR, it is isolated from the circuit without disturbing other SCRs. 

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