Effect of Transformer Winding Reactance on Performance of Three Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier

 Effect of Transformer Winding Reactance
  • The effect of transformer winding reactance on the performance of output voltage / current is explained here. 
  • The conduction of diode D1, D2 and D3 and resulting flow of current is shown in the figure A. 
  • It should be noted that the load current flows in the diode D1 decreases instantly from Idc to zero. 
  • Similarly the current in diode D2 rise instantly from zero to Idc
  • This sudden change of current is prevented by the inductance of the transformer winding.


  • Due to inductive reactance of the transformer winding, self induced emf LR (diR/dt) and LY (diY/dt) induced in the respective transformer winding. 
  • This induced emf prevents any rise or decrease of current instantly. 
  • The anode voltages of the diodes are same and total current remains constant during overlapping period. 
  • Therefore one diode pickups load and other drops it.
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