IITs participate in US Department of Energy Zero Energy Building Designs Decathlon

Zero Energy Building Design

The US department of energy organized Solar Decathlon 2024 Design challenge of zero energy building designs. India two leading institute will be part of this challenge. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay—Mumbai, India, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur—Kharagpur, India be a part of this challenge.

IIT Mumbai & IIT Kharagpur

  • The director of Solar Decathlon Holly Jamesen Carr said that creating affordable, energy-efficient solutions for buildings nationwide is key to the United States meeting its decarbonization goals
  • Hundreds of students around the world will participate in this challenge.
  • The Design Challenge encourages collegiate student teams encourage to create highly efficient, low-carbon building designs that address issues related to climate resilience, carbon emission, community impact, and more. 
  • This year teams represent from 18 countries and 26 new collegiate institutions and 67 returning institutions. Two institutions from India

IIT, Mumbai

IIT, Kharagpur

Students From Different Universities

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Category of Zero Energy Building Designs

Following categories of design of energy buildings

Categories of buildings

  • Single Family Housing
  • Attached Housing
  • Multi Family Building
  • Education Building

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