Earthing Protection For E Vehicle Charging Stations


Earth Protection for E Vehicle Charging Station as per IS

According to Central Electrical Authority notification, 2019 earth protection system for the all the electrical vehicle charging stations

All residual current device of the protection of supplies for electric vehicle shall

  • Have residual operating current not greater than 30 mA 
  • Interrupt all live conductors, including neutral 
  • Have a performance at least equal to Type A and be in conformity with Indian Standard 732 – 2018.
  • All residual current devices used for the protection of supplies to electric vehicle shall be permanently marked to identify function and the location of charging station or socket outlet they protect.
  • Each electrical vehicle charging points shall be supplied individually by a dedicated final sub circuit protected by an over current protective device complying with IEC 60947 – 2, IEC 60947 – 6 – 2 or IEC 60269 series and the over current protective device shall be part of switchboard.
  • Co – ordination of various protective devices shall be required.
  • Discrimination (selectivity) shall be maintained between the residual current device protecting a connecting point and residual current device installed upstream if necessary
  • All electrical charging station shall be supplied from a sub circuit protected by a voltage independent residual current device and also proving personal protection that is compatible with a charging supply for an electric vehicle.
  • Earthing of all electrical vehicle charging station as per IS 732
  • All electric vehicle charging stations shall be provided with an earth continuity monitoring system that disconnects the supply in the event that the earthing connection to the vehicle becomes ineffective.
  • The cable may be fitted with an earth connected metal shielding and the cable insulation shall be wear resistant and maintain flexibility over the full temperature range.
  • A protective earth conductor shall be provided to establish an equipotential connection between the earth terminal of the supply and the conductive parts of the vehicle which shall be of sufficient rating of satisfy the requirement of IEC 60364 – 5 – 54.  

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