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Delta - Delta Transformer


The delta – delta transformer is applicable where large current requires on low voltage supply and continuity of supply is possible in spite of one phase fails.


  • No phase displacement between primary winding and secondary winding
  • The third harmonic component of magnetizing current flows in the phase winding but does not flows through line therefore there is no distortion of flux. 
  • As the phase current is 1 / √ 3 times the line current, the cross section of the conductor reduces. 
  • Unbalanced loading does not create any problem on the secondary side of transformer. 
  • Continuity of supply is possible in spite of one winding becomes faulty, the remaining two winding carry only 57.7% load. It is called as open delta connection.


  • As the phase voltage and line voltage is equal in magnitude, more insulation requires for phase winding as compared to star connection.
  • If one of the line gets earthed, the maximum voltage between winding and core will be equal to line voltage

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