Semiconductor Memories Interview Question Answer - 3

Describe the function of mask in the MROM.

Function of MROM
  • To control the electrical interconnection on the chip

Describe the disadvantage of MROM.

The main disadvantage of the MROM is that it cannot be reprogrammed.

Why the PROM is called as ‘one time program ROM’?

  • Once the programming in the PROM is done it cannot be erased and reprogrammed.
  • If there is some mistake in the programming, no change has to be done. 
  • Therefore the PROM is called as one time program ROM.

Why the contents of the PROM cannot be changed?

  • The PROM is manufactured using fusible link.
  • There is large current flow through the transistor at cells when the programming of the PROM is done.
  • The fusible links open in these cells due to flow of large current.
  • Once the programming is done, this open link of fuses cannot be restored therefore the contents of the PROM cannot be changed.

Which material is used for construction of fusible link in the MROM?

The fusible link in the MROM is made of Titanium – tungsten or Nichrome.

Which type of memory is used for testing and experimental work? Why?

The PROM and EPROM are used for testing and experimental work because its content can be programmed with ease and at low cost.

Describe the disadvantages of EPROM.

Disadvantages of EPROM
  • The data can be erased and reprogrammed only after disconnection from the supply.
  • The eraser removes complete memory ( 100% ) contents even only one word need to be erase.

Describe the disadvantages of EEPROM over Static RWM.

  • Complex internal circuit
  • Slow access time as compared to read / write memory                 ( RWM )

Describe the advantages of EEPROM over EPROM.

  • The erase time of the contents in the EEPROM is very short and programmed rapidly.
  • It is possible to erase single byte in the array which is not possible not EPROM.

Define : Firm ware and Bootstrap program

Firm ware
  • It is referred as the microcomputer program that is stored in the ROMs.

Bootstrap program
  • A relatively small computer program that is stored in the ROM is called as bootstrap program.

Describe the main difference between software and firmware.

  • It is referred as the microcomputer program that is stored in the ROMs.
  • This programmed cannot be changed.

  • It is referred as the program that is stored in the RWMs.
  • This program can be easily altered.

Describe the meaning of booting up in the computer system.

Booting Process
  • When the computer is on by power supply, the boot strap program executes the instructions resulting CPU to initialize the system hardware.
  • The bootstrap program loads the operating system from main internal memory so the computer begins to execute the operating system.
  • This start up process of computer is called as booting process.

State the different applications of ROM.

Application of ROM
  • To store data in the tables which are constant
  • Data converters
  • To store micro – computer programs
  • Boot strap memory
  • Character generators ROM stores the dot pattern for each character
  • Function generator

Describe the function of function generator.

Function Generator
  • The function generator is a circuit that generates sinusoidal waveform, square waveform, triangular waveform etc.

Describe the main disadvantage of the RAM.

Disadvantage of RAM
  • The RAM is volatile therefore all the data is lost when the supply is interrupted.

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