Flip Flop Interview Question Answer - 5

Why the astable multi vibrator is called as Free running multi vibrator?

Astable Multi vibrator
  • When the astable multi vibrator is connected to supply, it keeps on switching back and forth between two quasi stable states therefore it is called as free running multi vibrator.

Why the Monostable multi vibrator is called as single shot multi vibrator?

Mono stable Multi vibrator
  • The Mono stable multi vibrator is also called as single shot multi vibrator because it produces single pulse for a trigger input.

Which are the states of the Mono stable multi vibrator?

One stable state and other quasi stable state

What is meant by retriggerable and Non – retriggerable one shot or monostable IC?

  • It is a monotable IC which accepts a new trigger input while the output pulse produced by the previous trigger is still in progress.

Non – retriggerable
  • It is a monostable IC which ignores any new trigger input while a output pulse is in progress.

State the applications of Mono stable multi vibrator.

Application of Mono stable multi vibrator
  • To create time delay
  • To generate sequence of pulses
  • To detect missing pulses
  • Gating signal

State the advantage of crystal controlled oscillator over the Colpitt / Hartley oscillator.

Advantages of Crystal controlled oscillators
  • Available in wide range of frequencies
  • More stable
  • Good frequency stability
  • Less likely to drift       
  • Generated frequency is predictable( Equal to crystal frequency )

Give reason : The CMOS inverter is preferred than TTL inverter for making Astable multi vibrator

Advantage of CMOS inverter
  • It has higher input impedance than the TTL inverter.
  • It is less sensitive to variations in the device characteristic than TTL inverter.

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