OPGW : Optical Ground Wire ( Cable )

Optical Ground wire ( OPGW ) is an optical fiber composite overhead ground wire which is used in overhead power lines. Its function is to grounding and communication. 
  • It consists of tubular structure with one or more optical fiber in it which is surrounded by aluminum and steel wire. 
  • The optical fiber itself is an insulator and protects the transmission line and lightning induction, cross talk during communication and external electrical noise. 
  • The OPGW contains optical fibers have low transmission line loss and allows high speed transmission over long distances. 
  • The outer side appearance of the OPGW is similar to ACSR conductors.
  • The OPGW is run at the top of the transmission line tower or say Electricity Pylons. ( The transmission line tall steel tower which is used to support transmission line conductor is called as Electricity pylon in the UK , Canada and other Europe countries. )
  • The conducting part of the cable serves as bond adjacent towers to earth ground and protects the high voltage conductors from lightning strokes.
  •  The OPGW shall be made up of optical fiber in one or more protective fiber units combined with concentric stranded metallic wire in single / multiple layers.

Function of the OPGW 

  • To replace conventional ground wire
  • To protect transmission line from lightning
  • To serve as conductive medium for carrying fault currents to ground
  • To provide voice and data communication through optical fibers



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