Compare Inverter AC and Non - Inverter AC

The Comparison between Inverter AC and Non - Inverter AC is given as below.
  • The inverter 1 Ton AC will run continuously but draws as much power that is required to keep the room at desired cooling level. 
  • The Non inverter 1 Ton AC will always run at peak power requirement when the compressor is ON.

Variable Speed Compressor
  • The inverter AC works on variable speed compressor which means that its speed decreases when the temperature of room is right or lower and speed up when the temperature of room rises. 
  • The Non – inverter AC works on fixed speed compressor which means it cools down the room at desired temperature and cut off till the room gets warm again it restarts.

Power Consumption
  • The inverter AC continuously operate on variable speed therefore there is no sudden surge in power consumption. 
  • As it does not work at full capacity all the time, it consumes lower energy. 
  • The Non inverter compressor turns ON and OFF again and again, large amount of power consumption is done every time.

  • As the compressor motor of the inverter does not ON and OFF frequently, the operation is quieter. 
  • As the compressor motor of the Non inverter ON and OFF frequently, it causes little bit noise.

  • As the compressor never OFF during its operation in the inverter AC, cooling is even. 
  • The room can be maintained at constant temperature. 
  • When the compressor is in OFF condition, the temperature goes down resulting room warms up significantly in the Non inverter AC.

Wear & Tear
  • As the compressor work at maintained speed in the inverter AC, it causes less wear and tear so long life. 
  • As the compressor motor is ON and OFF continuous during its operation in the Non inverter AC, it causes wear and tear in long time.

  • The inverter AC is expensive but benefit in long terms because low power consumption. 
  • The Non inverter AC is cheaper as compared to inverter AC but it requires more maintenance and consumes more power.

Power Factor
  • Regular motor has low power factor whereas the inverter based AC compressor motor has power factor close to unity.

Starting Current
  • Regular motor takes 3 to 4 times current during starting so inverter / generator size needed to run AC or refrigerator increases but the inverter AC has variable speed motor that takes less starting current during starting therefore the size of inverter reduces.
  • If you plan to buy solar panel for inverter AC, the size of solar panel reduces as compared to non – inverter ACs.

  • The 3 – star inverter ACs are 7% more efficient than 3 star non inverter ACs according to BEE.

Friction & Vibration
  • Swing compressor of the inverter AC decreases friction and vibration. It prevents leakage of refrigerant gas during compression.
  • Smooth sinusoidal waveform of the inverter electric current eliminates pulsation and high harmonic noise.

Reluctance DC motor
  • A DC motor offer higher efficiency than a AC motor. A DC motor uses the power of magnets to attract and repel to generate rotation. 
  • A DC motor that is equipped with power neodymium magnets which have greater efficiency which is called as reluctance DC motor. 
  • The Neodymium magnets are approximately 10 times stronger than the standard magnets. 
  • It helps to improve of stable operation in the inverter in which air conditioners operate for the longest periods.

DC motor for fan
  • The DC motor allows fine rotation control which reduces energy consumption. 
  • The motor also provides improvement in operational efficiency up to 40% as compared to AC motor. 
  • This improvement is particularly at low speed range.

Inverter AC : Operation Sequence                                  
Low Frequency / High frequency
Low speed / High frequency
Low capacity / High capacity

Non inverter AC : Operation Sequence
Constant speed
Fixed capacity

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